0.63 mm2 PETV-2 Winding Copper Wire Shipped Abroad

Recently, our company exported a batch of 0.63 mm2 PETV-2 Copper Wire For Windings Throughput 3000V B Class Enameled Copper Wire.

Wires round with enamel isolation on the basis of polyair are intended for winding of electrotechnical products.
Structure of a symbol

PETV-1 – the wire enameled heatresistant (heat-resistant), covered with a layer of high-strength enamel of utonenny thickness (type 1);
PETV-2 – the same, normal thickness (type 2).

Service conditions

Temperature index of 130 °C. Short-term operation is allowed at a temperature up to 200 °C.
The minimum ambient temperature at operation of -60 °C.
Isolation of wires is permanent:
to breakdown at a temperature of 180 °C for wires of PETV-1 and 200 °C for PETV-2 wires;
to influence of a heatstroke at a temperature of 155 °C;
to influence of the boiling water;
to toluene influence.
Wires correspond to TU 16-705.110-79.

The feedback from customers is very good, and we hope to reach a long-term cooperation.