Paper Covered
Enameled Wire

Mainly used for windings of oil-immersed transformers, reactors and other electrical devices.
  • Global delivery as fast as 10 days
  • Has factory stock, free sample
  • Coated copper winding wire and aluminum wire
  • Plastic and wooden spool
  • About 30kg-150kg per roll with low electrical resistance
  • ISO 9001:2020, UL certificate
  • Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
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Paper Covered Enameled Wire Features - Specifications

1. Type: Paper covered copper wire, enamele aluminum wire; Flat/rectangular wire, round wire
2. Insulation material type: kraft paper, thermally upgraded kraft paper or nomex paper
3. Insulation thickness: single, double, triple, multi-layers or according to your requirements; polyester/polyimide film
4. Has excellent withstand voltage performance in oil, and is widely used in the manufacture of transformer coils.
5.Paper Covered Enameled Winding wire wrapped with specific insulating material.

paper covered flat wire
paper covered round wire

Paper Covered Enameled Wire Manufacturing Process

The Copper paper covered manufacturing process: round billet - flattening - continuous stretching to finished flat wire - bright annealing. No unqualified phenomena such as cross-section cracks, triangular days, burrs, etc. were found in the copper flat wire, the product quality was improved. Paper Covered Enameled Wire uses telephone paper, cable wire or 500KV transformer inter-turn insulating paper for insulation. After impregnation, the temperature index is 105, 130, 155, 200, 220.
Paper Covered Enameled Wire can be divided into telephone paper covered wire and Nomex paper wrapped wire. Application of paper-covered wire limited: Paper-covered wire is a kind of magnet wire, which is used to manufacture winding coils of various oil-immersed transformers. It has good insulation on the outside and good insulation on the inside. Conductivity, it is the core of the transformer. The advantages of the paper-covered wire are due to its high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, and its elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, moisture resistance and abrasion resistance are very good, and it is very resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and will not be affected by insects.

paper coated covered wire manufacturing process

NOMEX wrapped paper enameled wire features - advantages

NOMEX wrapped paper enameled wire is a enameled wire extruded from an oxygen-free copper rod or an electrical round aluminum rod through a mold of a certain specification, and then wrapped by a T410 type NOMEX insulating paper. It is mainly used for transformers, electric welding machines, electromagnets Or other similar electrical equipment product windings.
Due to its high electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity, elasticity, flexibility, tear resistance, moisture and moisture resistance, NOMEX paper is very corrosive and will not be destroyed by insects, molds and fungi, it can be combined with All types of varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants, and refrigerants are compatible. In addition, NOMEX paper has a high heat resistance temperature. Even if the temperature is as high as 220 °C, it still maintains the original insulation performance. Transformers using NOMEX paper-covered wires can be used for Customers bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits.
Nomex covered wire

Paper Covered Enameled Wire Application

Paper Covered Enameled Wire is composed of copper conductor and aluminum conductor with insualtion enamel and paper, which is mainly used for windings of transformers, welding machines, electromagnets or other similar electrical equipment products.